Fire Pit Glass | Designed for use in Gas Fireplaces

Fire Pit Glass in Amber | size 15-30 mm
Fire Pit Glass in Amber | size 15-30 mm

Gas powered fireplaces are increasingly common since they emit low fumes, are clean burners and generate no ash. Fire Pit Glass is custom designed for gas fireplaces as they effectively mask the housing of the gas jets. They are a compelling alternative to rocks, pebbles, or artificial logs as they are knowm to increase efficiency by reflecting heat and light.

Since fire glass is tempered glass, it can withstand high temperatures and is not flammable in proloned exposure to heat. Tempered glass enhances the beauty of gas fireplaces by giving them an aesthetic visual effect. Fire glass is a new alternative as the beauty of the coloured glass crystals shimmers through in the glow of the fire. Traditionally rocks or ceramic logs were used to hide the imperfections. However, tempered glass is a recent alternative as the beauty of the glass crystals shine through in the fire. Fireglass can collect and radiate heat making the system more efficient. As one of the first suppliers of glass in garden products across Germany, Deco Stones is a reputed and reliable supplier of fireplace glass.

Our collection of Glass Rocks, Glass Chippings and Glass Pebbles in a combination of colors and sizes can be a perfect fit for your fireplaces. Larger glass rocks can be prone to cracking, hence please call us to ensure that you order the right size for your fireplace. Glass Stones can also be used as Fire Glass.


Applications of Fire Pit Glass

  • Possible use in fireplaces and fire bowls, which have suitable gas burners and designed for the use of fire glass.
  • Glass refracts light. Combine it in colors and sizes to create fascinating effects. Decorate the vessels with orange-colored or red grit to imitate glowing coal.
  • Blue and green fire glass granules are preferred because they make the fire look more natural.

Features of Fire Pit Glass

Fire Pit Glass in Yellow | size  9-12 mm
Fire Pit Glass in Yellow | size 9-12 mm
  • Tempered glass that is designed to withstand extreme heat conditions
  • Ash proof. Leaves no dark stains, soot, and ashes
  • Fume and smoke free as the glass is non flammable
  • Fire glass is low on maintenance

We recommend that proper safety features are implemented while installing a gas fireplace. Please check with the manufactured if the fireplace is compatible with fire glass. Deco Stones cannot guarantee the compatibility of your equipment with the fire glass.

Please follow the appliance owner manual to determine the exact quantity of fire glass required. Typically the quanitiy is measured by using the following dimensions: Front width, back width, depth and height. A round firepit would need the diameter and height dimensions to determine the quantity needed.