Air bubble glass balls | cracked glass balls | rainbow effect glass balls | all in sizes from 100 to 200 mm

Glass ball with rainbow effect
Glass ball 100 mm with rainbow effect

Are you looking for clear or coloured effect glass balls 100 mm - 200 mm for your innovative decorative ideas, crystal glass balls with air bubbles or decorative glass balls 100 mm - 200 mm?

Our extensive range of different sizes and numerous colours will certainly impress you.

The effect glass balls 100 mm - 200 mm shown here are available at favourable purchase conditions, directly from the importer.
A registration is necessary so that dealers can see your special purchase conditions.
The splinter design glass balls are made of high-quality crystal glass.
The basic material for the production of splinter effect balls are clear, colourless balls. The glass surfaces are coated in the desired colours.
In order to preserve the transparent character of glass, special transparent glass colours are used.
We recommend not to use these balls for long-term outdoor use. No guarantee can be given for the durability of the coating in free-space use.

Cracked effect glass balls, different colors
Cracked effect glass balls, different colors

DECO STONES Import&Export, wholesale and retail of cracked effect glass balls, glass balls with air bubbles, rainbow effekt glass balls, diameter 100 mm - 200 mm. Take advantage of the many possible applications of these inexpensive, coloured balls for your innovative ideas.



APPLICATION of 100 mm - 200 mm effect glass balls

Effect glass beads are mainly used as follows:

  • Production of high-quality garden accessories in combination with stainless steel products
    please use only uncoated balls for this purpose
  • Art objects with glass balls
  • Glass balls as exquisite fill in glass containers
  • decorative floor covering in the garden - and landscaping
    suitable balls up to 25 mm diameter
  • Effect glass balls for event and home decorations
  • Glass balls as staircase and balcony railing ornaments
  • Glass balls in the production of parlour games
    mostly only balls up to 16 mm diameter
  • Give away' in the advertising industry, printed and unprinted
  • production of ball spirals, wind chimes, garden plugs and similar articles
    please use only uncoated balls for this purpose

PROPERTIES of effect glass balls 100 mm - 200 mm

Surface quality: Good, for medium requirements. Very decorative appearance with more or less large air inclusions. Due to manual production, the balls have an out-of-round shape that is often barely visible. Small surface defects are possible.
Surface: Smooth. When viewed intensively, production-related streaks may also be visible.
Colours: Clear or coloured, as shown on this website
Sizes: 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm. Glass beads > 100 mm are available as crystal glass beads or crystal beads.
Packing units: individually or complete packing unit in a carton
Quantity/weight: 1 glass ball 40 mm weighs approx. 85 g
Packaging: according to customer requirements possible
Weight: 1 liter bulk volume equal approx. 1.50 kg

Here you will find coloured and clear effect glass balls 100-200 mm in our assortment. Take advantage of the extensive and reasonably priced stock sale offer

Are you looking for clear or coloured decorative glass balls 100-200 mm for the garden, crystal glass balls or decorative effect glass balls? Our extensive range of different sizes and numerous colours will certainly convince you.

Especially the coloured glass spheres 35 -100 mm from handmade production, enjoy due to their decorative character, sometimes more, sometimes less, enclosed air bubbles and the impressive choice of colours, growing popularity in the design of the garden.

These pretty eye-catchers are mainly used in the production of decorative garden products. These glass balls, often referred to as coloured glass spheres, can be found in numerous variations of stainless steel wind chimes, in the ball spiral - as a floating ball, in the production of rose beads - as garden plugs, as a pair of eyes on impressive garden animals or other innovative, handcrafted garden accessories.

But also in the home and event decoration, e.g. at big events - in the area of "laid table", decorative glass balls with their radiant shine, in the light of the light, underline the festive frame in a special note. The fascinating effect of glittering decorative glass balls is not unknown even to trade fair constructors. Here they are used as exclusive bulk goods, often accompanied by the company or product colour tone-in-tone. In the advertising industry, these pretty glass beads are printed with company logos to be given as give-away to delighted visitors later to company customers or at major events.

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Decorative, colored and clear effect glass beads you can buy here cheap from German wholesalers
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