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Spiral Wind Spinners is a wonderful addition to your garden as an accessory.

Spiral wind spinner with blue glass ball
Spiral wind spinner with blue glass ball

Custom made and combined with a suitable glass ball, these spiral spinners add a surprise element to your garden. Ideas to decorate and maintain your garden are hard to come by. Most garden decorations would include sand, rocks, pebbles, glass pebbles, grass lawns, and glass rocks. Innovative, out of the box ideas helps your garden stand out from your neighbors. We recommend the addition of spiral wind spinners into your garden decoration.  Made from pure stainless steel, the wind spinner has an option to hang a glass ball. We offer wind spinners that can accommodate glass balls of different sizes.

Ball Spirals from Deco Stones are always in stock and available in the following sizes:

Combine this cute little product with our vast collection of garden glass products like glass rocks, glass stones, glass balls, glass pebbles, and terrazzo glass. Our online shop has a large stock of these items in various colors and sizes.

Deco Stones delivers spiral wind spinners made from pure stainless steel that can hold high quality crystal glass balls of various sizes. You have an option to buy the wind spinners with a glass ball or without one. However, we would recommend you to buy them in combination with a glass ball. We ensure that the glass balls delivered would fit perfectly with the spiral wind spinner. For custom requirements, or any questions regarding this product, call in to us during business hours from Monday to Friday.

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DECO STONES import / export, wholesale for the ball spiral and other decorative garden design items.

These Spiral wind spinners | Ball spirals are German quality products

Ask prices for quantities of 1pcs, 10pcs, 100pcs.

The decoration items are designed and manufactured of stainless steel by our company. Fast delivery in large quantities and favourable wholesale prices to resellers.

APPLICATIONS of Ball spirals | Spiral wind spinners

The ball spiral is mainly used as a beautiful garden accessory that is interesting to watch. The fascinating, obviously floating glass ball is a very popular design element in the living environment too. The ball spiral can be turned by hand or mechanically by an electric motor.

  • Plug them on the your garden lawn
  • Use them in mall gardens and commercial parks
  • Design office gardens with window views for employees

CHARACTERISTICS of Ball spirals | Spiral wind spinners from DECO STONES

Material: V2A -stainless steel (18/10 stainless steel), rust-proof
Note: all spiral tails are delivered without balls!
Durability: almost unlimited
Spiral tail sizes and lengths: 40 - approx.28cm long, type 50-approx. 32cm long, type 60-approx. 35cm long, type 70 - approx. 44cm long, type 80; approx. 50cm long, type 100 -approx. 56cm long.
Prices: Please note the block pricing
Explanation of article codes, using the example of spiral 40/3 - V2A: The number 40 designates that the spiral comes with a 40mm ball. The same applies to spiral with the numbers 50 and so on. The number after the slash designates the wire thickness

DECO STONES Import/Export, the specialist for Ball spirals for garden accessory.

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