Buy Crystal Glass Ball in size 100 mm. High quality glass balls with a polished look.

A crystal spheres 100 mm, also referred to as crystal balls 100 mm are precisely manufactured glass spheres with regard to surface quality, glass purity and concentricity.

Crystal glass spheres
Crystal glass spheres

Due to it’s polished, flawless surface finishes and glass purity a crystal sphere has a particularly brilliant and fascinating shine.

At all times, men have been fascinated by glass and enchanted by the radiant beauty of a crystal sphere. The ancient superstition to see hidden secrets in the reflecting surface of a crystal sphere made them indispensable tools for many clairvoyants.

But even without these mystic roots, a crystal sphere is still a very popular decoration article. Due to their amazingly beautiful light refraction and brilliant shine, balls of crystal are particularly suitable as gifts meeting the highest demands. Especially coloured crystal spheres, but also clear crystal spheres create a special ambience on various festive occasions.

Scientific insights revealed that today's glass will still exists in millions of years, when all our other modern construction materials have long been turned to dust. Is it not interesting to know, that the crystal sphere in your hands is a small piece of infinity? If you are looking for a wholesale company with a wide range of coloured or clear crystal spheres, DECO STONES is the exactly the right choice for you.

As a professional import export wholesale we have an impressive range of glass balls and crystal spheres in various colours and sizes permanently in stock. Click here to view our product range of standard glass balls!

Buy a crystal sphere ruby, a crystal sphere cobalt blue, a crystal sphere green, a crystal sphere yellow,a crystal sphere lilac or a crystal sphere clear - all at reasonable import and wholesale prices!

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APPLICATIONS of Crystal balls 100 mm

  • creating exclusive garden accessories in combination with stainless steel products
  • objects d'art with glass balls
  • glass balls as exquisite filling in hollow glass vessels
  • decorative floor fill in gardening and landscape design
  • glass balls for event and home decoration
  • as roller bearing
  • glass balls as stair-rail and balcony-rail decoration
  • as flow restrictor in liquids
  • glass balls in the parlour game production
  • give-aways in advertising, blank or printed
  • in the production of ball spirals, wind chimes, Gartenstecker and the like

CHARACTERISTICS of 100 mm Crystal balls

Material: crystal glass, transparent, coloured, frost-resistant
Quality: high, for highest demands glass spheres, excellent round grinding and high colour brilliance particularly our coloured spheres may contain micro air inclusions of needle point size
Surface finish: smooth, polished
Colours: clear or coloured, as shown on this website.
Sizes: coloured crystal spheres: 16mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm
clear crystal spheres: 16mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 110mm,
150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
Weight per piece: crystal sphere 16mm: approx. 5g
crystal sphere 25mm: approx. 21g
crystal sphere 30mm: approx. 35g
crystal sphere 40mm : approx. 86g
crystal sphere 50mm : approx. 170g
crystal sphere 60mm : approx. 295g
crystal sphere 70mm : approx. 470g
crystal sphere 80mm : approx. 700g
crystal sphere 100mm : approx. 1.30kg
crystal sphere 110mm : approx. 1.80kg
crystal sphere 150mm : approx. 4.58kg
crystal sphere 200mm : approx. 10.85kg
crystal sphere 250mm : approx. 21.2kg
Packaging units: single or whole packaging unit in box
Packaging: on request according to customer requirements

QUANTITY CALCULATION of 100 mm Crystal balls

Floor fill: Volume (cm³) x 1600 = required quantity (in kg)
Area: 3m²
desired filling height 5.0cm
Calculation: 3m² x 0.05m x 1600 = 240.00kg
Result: You require 240.00kg

Hollow vessels: cylinder volume (cm³) x 0.0016 = required quantity (in kg)
Inner diameter of the vessel: 20cm
Desired filling height: 50cm
Formula: diameter squared x 3.14 : 4 x height
Calculation: 20cm x 20cm x 3.14 : 4 x 50cm = 15700cm³ x 0.0016 = 25.12kg required quantity.
Result: You require 25.12kg

Simple check for hollow vessels:
Weigh your empty vessel Fill the vessel to the desired filling height and weigh it again. The difference between both weights is the number of litres in your vessel. Now, multiply the litres with 1.6, the result is the quantity of glass balls required (in kg) for this vessel.

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