Buy Large Crystal Glass Ball in size 200-400 mm. High quality glass balls with a polished look.

A crystal ball 200-400mm, also referred to as crystal sphere 200-400mm is a precisely manufactured glass ball with regard to surface quality, glass purity and concentricity.

Discover now crystal spheres 200-500 mm
Crystal spheres 200-500 mm

Due to it’s polished, flawless surface finishes and glass purity a crystal spherehas a particularly brilliant and fascinating shine.

At all times, men have been fascinated by glass and enchanted by the radiant beauty of a crystal sphere. The ancient superstition to see hidden secrets in the reflecting surface of a crystal sphere made them indispensable tools for many clairvoyants.

But even without these mystic roots, a crystal sphere is still a very popular decoration article. Due to their amazingly beautiful light refraction and brilliant shine, balls of crystal are particularly suitable as gifts meeting the highest demands. Especially coloured crystal spheres, but also clear crystal spheres create a special ambience on various festive occasions.

Scientific insights revealed that today's glass will still exists in millions of years, when all our other modern construction materials have long been turned to dust. Is it not interesting to know, that the crystal sphere in your hands is a small piece of infinity? If you are looking for a wholesale company with a wide range of coloured or clear crystal spheres, DECO STONES is the exactly the right choice for you.

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