Effect glass balls 40 mm, colored decorative glass spheres buy directly from German wholesaler at a good prices

Are you looking for clear or coloured effect glass balls 40 mm for your innovative decorative ideas, crystal glass balls with air bubbles or decorative glass balls 40 mm?

Our extensive range of different sizes and numerous colours will certainly impress you.

The effect glass balls 40 mm shown here are available at favourable purchase conditions, directly from the importer.
A registration is necessary so that dealers can see your special purchase conditions.
The splinter design glass balls are made of high-quality crystal glass.
The basic material for the production of splinter effect balls are clear, colourless balls. The glass surfaces are coated in the desired colours.
In order to preserve the transparent character of glass, special transparent glass colours are used.
We recommend not to use these balls for long-term outdoor use. No guarantee can be given for the durability of the coating in free-space use.

DECO STONES Import&Export, wholesale and retail of cracked effect glass balls,  diameter 40 mm. Take advantage of the many possible applications of these inexpensive, coloured balls for your innovative ideas.

APPLICATION of 40 mm effect glass balls

Effect glass beads are mainly used as follows:

  • Production of high-quality garden accessories in combination with stainless steel products
    please use only uncoated balls for this purpose
  • Art objects with glass balls
  • Glass balls as exquisite fill in glass containers
  • decorative floor covering in the garden - and landscaping
    suitable balls up to 25 mm diameter
  • Effect glass balls for event and home decorations
  • Glass balls as staircase and balcony railing ornaments
  • Glass balls in the production of parlour games
    mostly only balls up to 16 mm diameter
  • Give away' in the advertising industry, printed and unprinted
  • production of ball spirals, wind chimes, garden plugs and similar articles
    please use only uncoated balls for this purpose

PROPERTIES of effect glass balls 40 mm

Surface quality: Good, for medium requirements. Very decorative appearance with more or less large air inclusions. Due to manual production, the balls have an out-of-round shape that is often barely visible. Small surface defects are possible.
Surface: Smooth. When viewed intensively, production-related streaks may also be visible.
Colours: Clear or coloured, as shown on this website
Sizes: 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm. Glass beads > 100 mm are available as crystal glass beads or crystal beads.
Packing units: individually or complete packing unit in a carton
Quantity/weight: 1 glass ball 40 mm weighs approx. 85 g
Packaging: according to customer requirements possible
Weight: 1 liter bulk volume equal approx. 1.50 kg

CALCULATION for the need of glass balls 40 mm

Area fills: Volume in m³ x 1500 = demand in kilograms
Example area: 3m² desired pouring height 3,5cm
Calculation: 3m² x 0.035m x 1500 = 157.50 kilograms
Result: You need 157.5 kilograms
Hollow vessels: cylinder volume cm³ x 0.0015 = requirement in kilograms
Example inner vessel diameter: 20cm
vessel height up to the desired pouring rim: 50cm
Formula: Diameter to square x 3,14 : 4 x height
Invoice: 20cm x 20cm x 3,14 : 4 x 50cm = 15700cm³ x 0,0015 = 23,55 Kilogramm need.
Result: You need 23.55 kilograms
Simple determination of requirements: Weigh your empty container. Fill it to the desired pouring rim with water and weigh it again. The difference between the two weights is the number of litres in your container. Multiply this number of litres by 1.5 and you have determined the need for glass marbles (in kilograms) for this container.