Garden stakes in various shapes for garden decoration. Animal and flower garden stakes always in stock. Order online for great deals.

Garden Stakes make pretty gardens. Combine Garden Plugs with our variety of garden glass products to deck up backyards. Buy online at cheap prices.

Decorating backyards and office gardens can drive you to run out of ideas. Most garden decorations have a combination of pebbles, water, and garden glass. Add a dash of variety by including cute garden plugs that stand out from the crowd. Also known as Garden Stakes, these pretty little products in shapes of animals and flowers add an element of fun to your garden.

High-quality, hand-crafted and inexpensive decorative garden stakes are unique items made of metal and glass, lovingly created by hand and in several beautiful designs.

Garden Stakes from Deco Stones are always in stock and available in the following shapes:

All garden stakes are hand-crafted, the glass parts are even hand-painted. Although our metal garden stakes are extremely good valued, we chose relatively uncommon articles to guarantee a unique selling proposition, particularly for market traders, and to make sure that you love to sell these articles.

Combine this cute little product with our vast collection of garden glass products like glass rocks, glass stones, glass balls, glass pebbles, and terrazzo glass. Our online shop has a large stock of these items in various colors and sizes.

APPLICATIONS of Garden stakes

Our garden plugs are mainly used as decoration items, i.e. as beautiful garden accessory in plant troughs in the garden or on the balcony. If you use Gartenstecker as a permanent outdoor design element, it usually develops a patina. We therefore recommend you to use them indoors, they will give you lot of pleasure in your winter garden or living room.


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