Glass Ball Stands - Available with LED lighting option to enhance the effect of Glass Balls

Crystal Clear Glass Ball Stands at great value to place glass balls of various sizes

Glass ball stands are used to ensure that decorative glass balls do not roll away when used in home decoration. Use them during Christmas or Easter decoration, and with stands that come with an integrated LED light, they are sure to light up your home.

We do carry Glass ball stands/ Ball stands in sizes 30x30x20 mm and 40x40x30 mm which are available directly from stock.
DECO STONES Glass ball stands/ Ball stands are made from high quality, optically pure crystal glass. 

Crystal balls or coloured glass balls can impressively be presented by these good valued Glass ball stands.

The little balls stands are suitable for glass balls with diameter 50-100 mm whereas the bigger glass ball stands can fix crystal glass balls to size 200 mm.