Discover Glass Marbles in size 16 mm in an assortment of colors. Buy online for special prices

For our customers we offer a wide range of reasonable priced glass marbles with a diameter of 16mm

16mm glass marbles are machine-made and in various colours permanently in stock. The glass ball quality corresponds to the commercial standard quality of 16mm glass marbles, which are often used as toys for children (glass marbles). glass marbles are also best suited as cheap non selective articles or bulk material in event design and booth construction. Furthermore, 16mm glass marbles are used for filling hollow glass vessels.

DECO STONES 16mm glass marbles are available in many colours, as transparent glass marbles or in 7 different colours as glass marbles opaque. Opaque glass marbles are not translucent (not transparent).

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APPLICATIONS of glass marbles 16 mm (inexpensive mass-produced)

  • glass balls as exquisite filling in hollow glass vessels
  • decorative flooring in gardening and landscape design
  • glass balls for event and home decoration
  • as roller bearing
  • as flow restrictor in liquids
  • glass balls in the parlour game production
  • give-aways in advertising, blank or printed
  • objets d'art with glass balls

CHARACTERISTICS of 16 mm glass marbles

Quality: low, for simple purposes and applications
Surface quality: surface scratches (typical for machine production)
Colours: clear or coloured, as shown on this website
Diameter: 16mm, tolerances approx. -0.5mm/+0.2mm
Packaging units: 1kg bag, partly available in 15kg bags or whole packaging units of 18kg
Quantity/Weight: glass balls 16mm - 1kg (approx. 180pcs) of glass balls
Packaging: on request according to customer requirements
Filling volume: 1l = approx. 1.50kg

QUANTITY CALCULATION of 16 mm glass marbles

Floor fill: Volume (cm³) x 1500 = required quantity (in kg)
Area: 3m²
desired filling height: 3,5cm
Calculation: 3m² x 0.035m x 1500 = 157.50kg
Result: You require 157.5kg

Hollow vessels: cylinder volume (cm³) x 0.0015 = required quantity (in kg)
Inner diameter of the vessel: 20cm
Desired filling height: 50cm
Formula: diameter squared x 3.14 : 4 x height
Calculation: 20cm x 20cm x 3.14 : 4 x 50cm = 15700cm³ x 0.0015 = 23.55kg required quantity.
Result: You require 23.55kg

Simple check of required quantity:
Weigh your empty vessel Fill the vessel to the desired filling height and weigh it again. The difference between both weights is the number of litres in your vessel. Now, multiply the litres with 1.5, the result is the quantity of acrylic stones required (in kg) for this vessel.

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