Buy Glass Rocks online in multiple sizes. Glass Chunks add glamour to your garden.

DECO STONES glass rocks | glass chunks is an exclusive material for designing open areas and landscaping gardens

Glass Rocks  | glass chunks in large bags
Glass Rocks | glass stones | glass pebbles | glass chunks in large bags

In contrast to natural stones glass rocks or glass chunks provide transparency and an extraordinary play of colours in combination with lights.

Gabions filled with coloured or clear glass rocks | glass stones | glass chunks have a particularly creative touch when combined with natural stones.

Depending on your creativity you can create an amazing amount of different patterns by simply layering both materials over one another. A combination of natural rocks and glass rocks is also possible, provided the colors are used wisely.

Glass rocks | glass stones | glass chunks are highly suitable for being combined with lights. Therefore low voltage LED lights are preferably used. They are an excellent alternative to high maintenance stones and pebbles.

We offer glass rocks | glass chunks in multiple sizes varying from 40 mm to 400 mm. Each glass rock can vary in weight depending on its size. Our XXXL size glass rock can weigh up to 200 kgs for a single piece. Our most popular color is Turquoise.

Perhaps you are also interested in our varied glass pebbles?


glass rocks | glass stones in color ruby red
Glass Rocks | glass stones Ruby Red

If you like glass as a decorative, easy-care and rot-proof design element, we recommend you, along with our coloured glass rocks, further exclusive bulk glass goods: glass stones for gabions, garden glass, glass pebbles, glass granules, irregular glass pebbles, glass nuggets, glass balls.

Some of our customers have used glass rocks in a fireplace due to their high resistance to heat. Glass Chunks can be effective in gas fireplaces. Order fire glass from our online shop.

View reference project: open areas designed with glass rocks

Glass Rocks - A Close Look

Applications of Glass Rocks

  • filling gabions (wire baskets), alternative to stones
  • filling gabions in combination with natural stone products
  • extravagant garden decoration illuminated from below or behind
  • decorative edging for pathways, beds and terraces
  • edging area around houses, alternative to pebbles
  • decorative, sophisticated design element for covering large indoor and outdoor areas
  • Glass Rocks can be used as Firepit glass or Fire place glass as they are resistant to high heat

Features of Glass Rocks

  • high colour intensity compared to natural stone products, even in dry state
  • real coloured glass, completely dyed
  • almost indestructible and weatherproof, rot-proof
  • colour-fast, even in cases of extreme weather conditions
  • virtually no moss or algea growth due to the non-porous surface
  • self-cleaning in rain or when irrigated
  • recyclable without special further processing

Quantity Calculation of Glass rocks

Calculation of requirements for glass stones:
volume (cm³) x 1650 = required quantity (in kg)

Example: Area: 4m²
desired filling height 25cm
Calculation: 4m² x 0.25m x 1650 = 1650.00kg

You require a quantity of 1650.00kg.

DECO STONES Import/Export, the specialist for Glass rocks for landscaping and open space planning.

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