Glass terrazzo 1.5-3mm, Glass beads 1.5-3 mm - innovative product for attractive floor | wall coverings

DECO STONES glass terrazzo - Glass Beads is a new grain type made of completely dyed glass.

decorative flooring with red glass beads
decorative flooring with red glass beads

In combination with polyurethane and epoxy resin as binders, these Glass Beads are used to manufacture exclusive and extremely long-lasting glass terrazzo outdoor and indoor floorings. This kind of flooring, made from Glass Beads, is known as glass terrazzo or Glass carpet.
Glas-Terrazzo is becoming more and more popular as these new grain types are, with regard to colour range and brilliance, a pleasing alternative to marble and granite products. Our Glass Beads are often used in combination with marble and granite products when a design requires coloured accents that cannot be set with ordinary products. DECO STONES glass terrazzo grains from real, completely dyed coloured glass are the first choice. Surface dyed stone grains are often used for manufacturing so-called stone carpets, which, depending on their use, may soon show unsightly signs of wear. The upper colour layer wears out quite quickly, if the floors contain surface-dyed additives like quartz gravel. If these kinds of floors are in areas with more or less traffic, wear will reveal a blotchy, unsightly surface after a relatively short time.

DECO STONES exclusively offers these new Glass Beads, which are ideal for the manufacture of decorative, long-lasting glass terrazzo floors, without false colours in different grain sizes (see characteristics) and attractive colours.

DECO STONES import/export, wholesale for decorative glass additives, has a large selection of glass terrazzo grains in exclusive colours.

APPLICATIONS of Glass terrazzo 1.5-3 mm, Glass beads 1.5-3 mm

  • exclusive glass terrazzo floorings or Glas carpets
  • decorative wall coverings in combination with synthetic resins as binders
  • decorative additive for various products  in combination with synthetic resins as binders
  • showcase fillings
  • decorative design element in booth construction
  • filling material for double walled sheets
  • bulk material for event decorations

CHARACTERISTICS of Glass terrazzo 1.5-3 mm, Glass beads 1.5-3 mm from DECO STONES

Material: real coloured glass, completely dyed
Grain sizes: approx. 1.5-3mm, 3-6mm, 8-10mm in-between size available on import order
Grain shape: round, irregularly shaped, no sharp edges
Transparency: transparent. Black Glass beads are opaque (not transparent)
Surface finish: smooth
Quality: dust-free, dry
Colours: crystal clear, ruby, orange, lemon, dark green, light green, cobalt blue, light blue, amber, black. Further colours are available on import order
Packaging units: 20kg bag, 500kg, 1000kg big bags
Bulk weight: 1l = approx. 1.45kg
Packaging: On request according to customer requirements

QUANTITY CALCULATION of Glass terrazzo 1.5-3 mm, Glass beads 1.5-3 mm

Floor fills: Volume (cm³) x 1450 = required quantity (in kg)
Area: 3m²
desired filling height 3,5cm
Calculation: 3m² x 0.035m x 1450 = 152.25kg
Result rounded to packaging units: You require 8 bags of 20kg, equalling 160kg

Hollow vessels: cylinder volume (cm³) x 0.0015 = required quantity (in kg)
Inner diameter of the vessel: 20cm
Desired filling height: 50cm
Formula: diameter squared x 3.14 : 4 x height
Calculation: 20cm x 20cm x 3.14 : 4 x 50cm = 15700cm³ x 0.00145 = 22.77kg required quantity.
Result, rounded: You require 23.00kg

Simple determination of requirements:
Weigh your empty vessel Fill the vessel to the desired filling height and weigh it again.
The difference between both weights is the number of litres in your vessel. Now, multiply the litres with 1.45, the result is the quantity of acrylic stones required (in kg) for this vessel.

DECO STONES Import/Export, the specialist for Glass terrazzo, Glass beads in sizes 1,5-3mm, 3-6mm and 8-10mm especially for glass terrazzo floorings or other kind decoration.

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