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Terrazzo mirror or mirror granules at wholesale prices in bulk quantity. Perfect for outdoor and home design.

Terrazzo Mirror, also known as Mirror Glass is an exclusive and rare to find decoration product that has a double sided mirror coating. Made from recycled industrial glass, these glass chips are ideally suited for epoxy terrazzos and sand cushioned cemented terrazzos. Quoted with mirror on both sides, they serve as a wonderful replacement for expensive marble chips and provide a trendy look that cannot be matched by marble. Glass has an inherent advantage over marble as it can be combined strategically with LED lighting to achieve the desired effect. Mirror glass serves as an excellent terrazzo wall flooring and reduces the environmental impact.

Countertops made from terrazzo glass have proved to be highly durable. Double-sided mirror granules are rare in the market and are part of an exclusive collection from Deco Stones. Large quantities are difficult to find in the open market and as a wholesaler, Deco Stones has a huge stock that is reasonably priced.

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APPLICATIONS of Terrazzo Mirror

  • Making hard-wearing glazed-razor floor coverings or glass carpets
  • Glass Terrazzo floor or walls
  • Designer countertops in combination with LED lighting
  • Decorative wall coverings in combination with synthetic resins as a binder
  • Decorative aggregates for interior and exterior plasters
  • Filling hollow stones on a wall
  • Decorative fillings at trade fair booths
  • Filler for web plates or double-walled glass plates
  • Grit for event decorations

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