Glass granulate coated, an extravagant product for indoor use, weather-protected outdoor use, exhibition stand construction, exclusively in RAL colours.

Coated glass granules, also known as glass blocks - inexpensive, delivered quickly, directly from the manufacturer!

Untreated, clear glass granules are the basic material for our coated glass granules. We coat glass granules in almost all RAL colours according to customer requirements for attractive, decorative glass fillings indoors, weather-protected outdoors, for sophisticated stand construction decorations or glass floor coverings.

Especially when it comes to absorbing the company colour in a decorative filling, there is hardly a more suitable product than these glitter-transparent coated glass granulates. Through the use of special pigments, our coloured glass granulates retain their typical transparent glittering character and can therefore hardly be distinguished optically from real coloured glass. Even in combination with lighting fixtures, these coated glass granules leave nothing to be desired.

Note: coated glass granules or coloured glass blocks are not suitable for long-term decorations in unprotected outdoor areas without additional surface sealing. The use in the weathered open space, for temporary event decorations up to approx. 5 months, is however possible without additional surface sealing.
surface protection without hesitation.

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APPLICATION of coated glass granules

Coated glass granulate is mainly used as follows:

  • as sophisticated, exclusive bulk material in trade fair construction
  • promotional items for event decorations
  • Filling of pretty, transparent glass containers
  • as filler for double-walled, transparent constructions
  • as shop window and showcase decoration at exhibitions and fairs
  • Hotels and restaurants - Table setting area
  • for the production of innovative glass floor coverings and wall coatings

characteristics of coated glass granules

Material: mostly borosilicate glass
Surface: broken, smooth, not sharp-edged
Colors: according to customer requirements - can be coated transparently in almost all RAL colours.
Note: Order acceptance for dyeing from 60 kg per order quantity and colour shade.
Granule Sizes: approx. 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-10mm and 20-40mm
on request from 1000kg also grain sizes below 1mm can be produced.
Packing Units: 20kg-Btl., 500kg-Big Bags, 1000kg-Big Bags
Packaging: according to customer requirements possible
Weight: 1l bulk volume equal to approx. 1.50kg

Special features:

  • surface-coloured, coated, transparent glass granules
  • coated according to customer requirements - in almost all RAL colours
  • the transparent character and radiant shine of genuine coloured glass is retained
  • Industrial quality, clean, without impurities
  • lightfast, conditionally water resistant
  • beautiful, rounded grain with high gloss level
  • recyclable without special processing

QUANTITY CALCULATION of Glass granules | glass granulates

Floor fill: Volume (cm³) x 1500 = required quantity (in kg)
Area: 3m²
desired filling height: 3,5cm
Calculation: 3m² x 0.035m x 1500 = 157.50kg
Result: You require 157.5kg

Hollow vessels: cylinder volume (cm³) x 0.0015 = required quantity (in kg)
Inner diameter of the vessel: 20cm
Desired filling height: 50cm
Formula: diameter squared x 3.14 : 4 x height
Calculation: 20cm x 20cm x 3.14 : 4 x 50cm = 15700cm³ x 0.0015 = 23.55kg required quantity.
Result: You require 23.55kg

Simple check of required quantity:
Weigh your empty vessel Fill the vessel to the desired filling height and weigh it again. The difference between both weights is the number of litres in your vessel. Now, multiply the litres with 1.5, the result is the quantity of acrylic stones required (in kg) for this vessel.



DECO STONES Import/Export, your wholesale and retail partner for coloured glass granulate, for use as decorative bulk material in trade fair construction or as interior decoration.

Of course, we also stock other products for decoration in outdoor or indoor areas, for immediate delivery to warehouses, such as glass gravel, glass gravel, glass balls or glass nuggets.