Garden glass - bulk material glass for varied use in outdoor areas

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Garden glass, also referred to as recycle glass or recycled crushed glass is a recycling product made of container glass or industrial flat glass.

garden glass | glass chippings azur 5-10 mm
garden glass | glass chippings azur 5-10 mm

Garden glass may contain up to 5% false colour impurities. In reality this proportion is usually lower than 1%. Colours may differ slightly, especially for deliveries from different batches. However, the glass chippings does not lose its decorative character.
Recycle glass may contain small amounts of glass powder, which can be removed from the surface by natural or artificial irrigation. Garden glass, which is made of container glass, may also contain small, practically imperceptible label residues, which are no reasons for rejection. We deliver garden glass to wholesalers, fabricators, resellers and end customers. DECO STONES garden glass is a fascinating and extraordinary material for the design of open commercial spaces and gardens. In recent years, famous planners have been working in numerous, creative projects with our exclusive glass products like glass chippings, recycle glass, or recycled crushed glass.
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View reference project: open areas designed with glass chippings.

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APPLICATIONS of Garden glass

  • garden glass on pathways, beds or in garden troughs in modern landscaping
  • garden glass or recycle glass as rotproof and moss-free edging area around buildings and as an alternative to pebbles or crushed marble
  • garden glass or recycle glass as decorative flat roof covering
  • garden glass or recycle glass as decorative bulk material in large commercial or municipal open area facilities
  • Innovative, rotproof product for designing artificial indoor and outdoor landscapes with rivers and lakes
  • garden glass or recycle glass - recycling products for alternative applications
  • additive for new, decorative concrete products
  • additive for glass terrazzo or glass concrete floorings
  • garden glass or recycled crushed glass- a decorative additive in combination with polyurethane or epoxy resins for the manufacture of open or closed-pore outdoor floorings.


Material: real coloured glass, completely dyed
State on delivery: unwashed, wet due to storage in the open free of impurities like metals or plastics It may contain up to 5% false colour impurities and have slightly different colours. almost free of glass powder, especially hollow glass ware, barely any visible label residues, which are normal and no reason for rejection
Transparency: transparent. White and black Glaskiese are also available in opaque.
Colours: as shown on our website. Please note: Glass raw materials for production are not necessarily available in the colours shown on this website. Please ask for availability before planning major projects.
Grain size: 2,5-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 10-40mm
Grain shape: crushed, no sharp edges
Packaging units: grain size 5-10mm: 20kg-Btl., 500kg-Big Bag, 1000kg-Big Bag
for all other grain sizes: 500kg big bags, 1000kg big bags : 500kg-Big Bag, 1000kg-Big Bag
Weight: 1l Filling volume approx. 1.32kg

Special features:

  • in contrast to matt-finished natural stone products very intensive colours, also in dry state
  • colour-stable, no weathering effects even in cases of extreme weather conditions
  • virtually no moss growth
  • almost rotproof
  • generally self-cleaning in rain or with irrigation
  • no sharp edges on delivery
  • walkable and drivable For walkable and drivable areas we recommend the use of the
  • grain sizes 2,5-5 or 5-10mm
  • good thermal insulating qualities (for covering flat roofs)
  • recyclable without special further processing
  • positive energy balance when recycled


Calculation of requirements for garden glass or recycle glass:

volume (cm³) x 1350 = required quantity (in kg)

Example: Area: 3m2
desired material height: 4.0cm
Calculation: 3m2 x 0.04m x 1350 = 162.00Kg

You require a quantity of 162,00kg

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